Michael A. Autio is an attorney maintaining a limited, part-time practice in the historic community of Astoria, Oregon.   Michael has over 25 years experience in serving clients throughout Northwest Oregon and Southw​est Washington.
Licensed to practice law in Oregon and Washington, Mr. Autio's practice is limited to estate planning, including wills and trusts, business matters, real property transactions and taxation issues. Mr. Autio holds an advanced law degree emphasizing estate planning and business matters, and he has broad experience in estate planning, business and real estate law, as well as experience in a broad range of civil law matters.

The firm's use of the latest technology provides you with the ability to keep in close communication throughout your legal project.  For most types of matters, the firm's legal services are based on a fixed price or flat fee agreed upon in advance, so you don't need to fear running up "billable hours" each time you call and you can be assured that your legal matters will be handled as cost efficiently as possible.

Please feel free to contact us so we may determine if we can be of assistance in your legal needs.